Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Premium Financing — An Inexpensive Means of Purchasing Life Insurance

The ownership of life insurance is a much-needed component of business succession and personal financial plans. Life insurance needs vary from funding needed to purchase the ownership interest of a business partner upon death, creating liquidity for the family of a decedent for the payment of estate taxes, or providing cash for surviving family members. In many cases, the purchase of permanent insurance is needed rather than term insurance where the coverage will lapse after some period of time.

‘Scorched Earth’ Tactics Burn Both the Manufacturer and Its Legal Counsel

“Effective sales reps are the lifeblood of this market.”

U.S. District Judge R. Brooks Jackson was describing how medical implants manufacturers deploy sales reps with not only the character traits to develop relationships with surgeons, but also the medical knowledge necessary to help the surgeons use their products in the operating room.