Rep cranks out complete victory

Sales reps who make the difficult decision to take action upon suffering a contract breach oftentimes have to settle for the equivalent of a ground rule double. Perhaps the litigation results in recovering the unpaid sales commissions plus interest, but not the exemplary damages teased under a state statute.

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Empowered sales rep protects his contract rights; delivers strong jolt to breaching principal

William Valle’s commission lawsuit against Powertech Industrial Co. Ltd. offers a little bit of everything.

Two versions of a contract, changing commission rates, enforceability questions, and the duty of good faith and fair dealing are all raised in this dispute. (So too is the perennial employee v. independent contractor battle, but that part of their contest will be saved for another day.)

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Buying or selling: Key factors for sales rep agency valuation

With surprising regularity, principals are taking legally flawed positions when reps must resort to legal action to collect commissions due, particularly following a termination. The assertion of defenses doomed to fail increases costs to both sides, fails to advance the litigation and generally serves no one’s interests.

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